Frost Fighter Products & Services

Almost all modern vehicles have a rear window defroster, those fine lines running across the back window that clear the glass even in the worst winter conditions. Planned Products provides comprehensive defroster repair, control, accessories and support for these defroster systems. Essentially painted on the back glass these fine lines and circuitry are susceptible to damage. In most cases the repair is easy and something you can do yourself with the easy to use Frost Fighter, Clear View and ThermaSync products we design and manufacture locally in Boulder, Colorado. These kits along with our support make it possible for fast Do-Your-Self repairs to avoiding the high cost of glass replacement in most cases.

LED Polycarbonate Defoster Heated Lens

VistaView Direct Print Defrosters

Our emerging Vista View ® Direct Print technology allows custom defrosters to be printed directly on glass and polycarbonate substrates in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. Designed in CAD and printed directly on the surface to be defrosted these custom defrosters open the door to more creative direct contact defroster solutions in many industries.

Frost Fighter defroster repair kit

Frost Fighter Defroster Repair

Separated defroster tabs or a scratched defroster grid are common causes of defroster failure.  The Frost Fighter Defroster tab re-attachment is an industry leader, highly conductive defroster tab bonding adhesive that uses pure silver for maximum electrical conductivity and structural bonding back to the defroster. The Frost Fighter defroster grid repair is a very fast method of repairing the horizontal grid lines on the defroster.

Frost Fighter Clear View Self Applied

ClearView Defrosters

The Clear View line of defrosters can be installed directly on almost any size of window and come in 12 and 24 volt systems. Clear View defroster elements bond directly to the glass or Polycarbonate window and offer the performance and appearance of factory defrosters – except Clear View defrosters can be installed in any vehicle, any time.

Frost Fighte Clear View Defrosters Self Applied

ThermaSync Defroster Controls

ThermaSync defroster controls offer the same functionality as factory defroster controls with automatic timing and switching. The ThermaSync switch includes the universal defroster symbol and LED indicator lighting. Available in 12 and 24 volts these controls make it easy to operate existing defroster systems and are included with the Clear View defrosters. ThermaSync defroster controls can be networked for single switch operation of multiple defrosters and have an adjustable timing cycle for run times longer than the standard ten minute shut off.

Frost Fighter rear window defroster replacement tabs

Defroster  Accessories

Finding the right defroster repair accessories is easy. We stock many of the leading metal replacement tabs, connectors and wire assemblies needed to get a damaged defroster working like new.