Frost Fighter Defroster Technology

Developed around the rear window defroster found in most vehicles, Planned Products LLC has been delivering rear window defroster repair solutions since 1986 and is a leader in contact defroster design, repair, replacement and control solutions.


Infrared image of a Clear View defroster

The Frost Fighter® line of automotive defroster repair products provides individuals and professionals with a simple, cost effective and reliable ways to repair automotive rear window defrosters including tab bonding and grid repair options. Frost Fighter accessories include everything from a single replacement defroster tab to full Master Repair kits for professional shops.

In addition to repair materials Planned Products has developed a complete line of ThermaSync® defroster controls in 12 and 24 volt featuring set point timing, power modulation and network compatibility.

Our field applied Clear View® line of 12 and 24 volt defrosters are now available in hundreds of sizes and can be applied directly to windows of almost any size with all the style, quality and performance of factory installed defrosters.

Our new Vista View® Direct Print technology allows custom defrosters to be printed directly to glass and polycarbonate substrates in an endless variety or shapes and sizes.

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Vista View Defroster

New defroster technology clears glass and polycarbonate surfaces

Custom defroster designs, prototypes and production
When temperatures plunge, heating is often required to clear surfaces and maintain visibility. New Vista View direct print defrosters provide safe and efficient heating on glass, polycarbonate, FR4 and many other surfaces clearing frost, snow and ice even in the toughest winter conditions. Based on proven design principals Vista View defrosters are made by printing heating elements directly the surface to be heated including lenses, windows and more even if the part is three dimensional. Precise control of the defrosters electrical properties insures rapid and safe heating for optimal clearing of frost, ice and snow. Designed in CAD then printed directly on the surface to be defrosted, Vista View defrosters can be nearly any size from a few inches up to large panels in almost any pattern.

Vista View Advantage

The electrical properties of the Vista View defroster can be precisely controlled to deliver the required heating performance and energy efficiency for nearly any input voltage. No expensive tooling or artwork needed. Design changes can be made on the fly. Direct print technology makes it easy to go from design of a single defroster to production volumes with lead times measured in hours. Using our predictive modeling software Vista View defrosters can be fine tuned to achieve a balance between thermal performance and energy usage taking into account the material type, thickness and environmental variables.